Residential & Commercial Maintenance/Tune-Ups Repair

We recommend each customer to have at least two preventative maintenance inspections visits a year. One visit prior to the cooling season and one prior to the heating season. If your unit is only serviced once a year you may not be getting a full heating and cooling check. In order to get an accurate reading for either heating or cooling there are many factors to be considered. One factor is the outdoor temperature.  If the outdoor temperature is too warm, we will not be able to perform an accurate heating check as well as if the outdoor temperature is too cold we will not be able to perform an accurate cooling check.


What are the benefits of preventative maintenance inspections?

24-point inspection

-Check thermostat operation, Inspect condensate drain pan

-Replace air filter (customer supplied), Inspect evaporator coil

-Check system temperature split at registers, Inspect condenser coil

-Check compressor amp draws and terminals, Inspect contactors

-Inspect indoor blower motor amps and dirt build-up, Check voltage and amp draws on all motors, Check condenser motor amp draws and oil residue

-Check capacitor ratings & levels, Check refrigeration levels, super heat and/or subcooling

-Inspect for visible duct leaks, Tighten electrical connections and inspect disconnect

-Check relays, Inspect fuses ,Visual leak check ,Check all wiring, Condensate drain line inspection

-Inspect bearings and lubricate (if needed), Check refrigerant line for proper insulation

-Check for plenum air leaks, Blow out cabinet doors for dust

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