Did you know some types of insulation settle over time and loose its effectiveness? Having an adequate amount of insulation in your home provides a more comfortable home and can even reduce energy costs up to 20%! Even some homes ranging from 7-10 years old can benefit greatly from additional insulation if insulation has never been added or changed. The type and level of insulation will depend on what was recommended at the time your home was built.

When it comes to pricing, every home is different. There are a few different variables to each home; attic square footage, measurement of existing attic insulation, bare areas that are in tight spaces that are typically not visible, existing R-value rating, ceiling can lights, etc.

The best way to get an accurate quote is to have one of our insulation specialists make a home visit.

Signs of Low Insulation

  • Hot/Cold Rooms


  • High electric bills


  • Insulation settling

Rebates may also be available
through APS & SRP.

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