Air Conditioning Repairs

As we all know, Arizona summers can be long and torturous. When your air conditioning system is not working properly or just completely dead. ACA is here for you in providing quick responsive service. ACA technicians are certified and trained on not only the oldest of air conditioners but also the newest technologically advanced air conditioners. You can depend on an ACA technician to get you cooling again quickly and efficiently while providing low cost repairs and service.

Are you in need of repairs?

Below are a few of the most common calls we get for service and repair.

  • Blank Thermostat

    Some thermostats are running on only batteries instead of wired to power in the home with a batter backup. If your thermostat is blank or no longer lighting up; try replacing the batteries.

  • Unit is On But Not Blowing Air

    Check your air filter. If your air filter is clogged it could cause your system to ice up. Meaning it’s trying to cool but there is not enough air flow coming through the filter which can cause your indoor coil to build up a block of ice not allowing any air to move through the system.

  • A/C Won’t Turn On

    Check the air conditioning breaker to make sure it is in the “on” position.

  • My heater started blowing cold air

    If you have a heat pump system, your system will automatically reverse the refrigerant flow when in defrost mode. This means that instead of blowing warm/hot air it will blow cold air as if the air conditioning is on. This is normal operations of a heat pump to avoid ice build up on the coil.